We are a group of midwives that provide the North Taranaki community with midwifery based family/whanau centred maternity care. Our services include care ranging from pregnancy, labour and birth through to the post-natal period. Our objective is to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle, provide education and individualised care from the confirmation of pregnancy until 5 – 6 weeks after the birth. We believe birth is a unique experience for every woman and an extraordinary moment in her life.
The centre offers free pregnancy testing, complete Lead Maternity Care packages including antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal services.

Welcome to Partners in Pregnancy

From us all at Partners in Pregnancy – Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is the beginning of a very exciting journey for you and your family. At your initial visit we will take a lot of information from you about yourself and your medical and family history. You will also be given a lot of information on the maternity system and how to keep well and grow a healthy baby.